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We  do not vouch that the use of this web page will be available at all times or that the contents of the web site will be timely, accurate, safe and flawless.We do not vouch that the results acquired by the use of our web page will meet user expectation or that those results will be completely reliable.You hereby acknowledge and confirm that you have been informed that we may, at any time and without any previous notice, suspend or cancel provision of our services in the form of this web pages and contents thereof and that such cancellation or suspension may be for a definite period of time as well as permanent.You hereby expressly accept any risk arising from the use or inability to use this web-site.Except when expressly stated otherwise, any product or service presented or provided to you by  contents of this web site are presented or provided on “as is” and “as available” bases. No implied or expressed warranties or assurances, representation rights or any other provisions are made.
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