Delivery and Packing

It is our mission to make life and business easier on our customer. Optional delivery to any part of Europe and beyond. Let our staff find the most cost-effective delivery method and prepare any document that may be required. We are familiar with the process and we would love to do this dull work for you.

However, if you wish to pick up the parts from our location, we are looking forward to meeting you.

Each caliper comes packed in 500 × 390 × 230 mm or 500 × 390 × 310 mm five-layers cardboard box. Boxes have recessed handles for easier lifting and handling. The boxes are also stapled for additional firmness. A bag containing set of installation accessories is attached to each caliper.

Each set of disc brake pads comes packed in a rigid, three-layer cardboard box. Parts of installation kit and a pair of protective gloves for installation are supplied with each set, placed in a separate, attached bag.

Protected quality

Each caliper packing is protected by a silver adhesive label for protection of Teiler brand value and to protect our customers against purchase of inferior-quality copies. The label is a seal of original Teiler product. Also, appropriate mandatory certificate is on every box. Each certificate comes with all the required information and protection code.


Delivery of parcels within EU - Export

Weight of the packing Region 1
(Croatia, Slovenia)
Region 2
(Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary,
Germany, Slovakia)
Region 3
(Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France,
Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Litany, Luxembourg,
Holland, Poland, Portugal, Spain,
Sweden, Great Britain)
Region 4
(Bugarska, Finska, Grčka, Rumunjska)
up to 25 kg 15,00 € 17,00 €24,00 €47,00 €
up to 31.5 kg16,00 € 17,00 € 24,00 €49,00 €

Picking up parcels from EU - Export

Weight of the packages Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4
up to 25 kg 17,00 €  17,00 € 24,00 € 54,00 €
up to 31.5 kg  18,00 €  17,00 €  24,00 € 56,00 €

Note: An additional charge of 2,00 HRK per 1 kg of shipment weight is required for domestic deliveries above 31.5 kg. Special shipment arrangements can be made upon request for large parcels in domestic and international transport.

Expected time of delivery

Country Export within the EU Parcel pick up in EU
Austria 2 days 2 days
Belgium 3-4 days 3-4 days
Bulgaria 4-5 days 4-5 days
Czech Republic 3 days 4 days
Denmark 3-4 days 3-4 days
Estonia 4-5 days 5-6 days
Finland 5 days 5 days
France 3-4 days 3-4 days
Greece 5 days x
Ireland 4-5 days 4-5 days
Italy 8 days 8 days
Latvia 4-5 days 5-6 days
Lithuania 4-5 days 5-6 days
Luxemburg 3-4 days 3-4 days
Hungary 2 days 2 days
Netherlands 3-4 days 3-4 days
Germany 2-3 days 2-3 days
Poland 3-4 days 3-4 days
Portugal 4-5 days 4-5 days
Romania 4 days 4 days
Slovakia 2-3 days 3-4 days
Slovenia 1 day 1 day
Spain 5 days 5 days
Sweden 5 days 5 days
Great Britain 4-5 days 4-5 days


Payment against proforma invoice by bank transfer:

Zagrebačka banka d.d. IBAN: HR7023600001101692712 SWIFT: ZABAHR2X
Splitska banka d.d. IBAN: HR9023300031100360845 SWIFT: SOGEHR22
Raiffeisen bank Austria d.d. IBAN: HR2224840081103095496 SWIFT: RZBHHR2X
Erste & Steiermärkische bank d.d. IBAN: HR8924020061100464202 SWIFT: ESBCHR22
Sberbank d.d. IBAN: HR3525030071100040981 SWIFT: VBCRHR22
Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. IBAN: HR3223400091110317428 SWIFT: PBZGHR2X

Credit/debit card payment:

  • Mastercard®
  • Maestro®
  • American Express
  • Diners Club International
  • Visa

Quality remanufacturing at a great price!

12-months warranty on repair work. More than 500 remanufactured calipers available immediately. More than 1,000 reference codes ready for delivery.